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Why yes, yes I do thanks for asking!

I enjoy focusing on an esoteric subject, learn all I can, then keep it as a favorite topic but turn my focus to something new for a while. I do that with colors, plants, ideas…..knitting and pattern writing, quilting (including quilt AND paving pattern design – so many parallels!), and um…. you name it, please pardon the rotten sentence structure.

Two of my favorite things below: silver/gray foliage and green flowering bearded irises. See, I told you it was esoteric.

mosaic green irises
mosaic silver foliage 1

OH!  and many thanks to www.bighugelabs.com for their mosaic making thingy.  Very fun.

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I once said to a client that their plant materials would have foliage in different shades of green.  The husband looked at me like I was from mars, he thought that green was green.  Sometimes, it isn’t.  Oh, and by the way – that big gorgeous bearded Iris in the blog header is green, too.  It’s a lovely chartreuse in real life.

green foliage variety 1

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