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Filoli Again, in August Again

I’ve talked enough about Filoli – so I’ll just post the photos from last weekend:  a 140830 078 a 140830 080 a 140830 105 adjusted a 140830 147

Something I did not know was that they had a ton of sculptures installed – with price lists in the gift shop, apparently.  I like the new additions.

a 140830 151 a 140830 150I love catching people in my photos right when they’re wondering if they can possibly escape before I click the shutter.  Sorry, I was too quick this time, but holy crap – lookit those Hydrangeas!

a 140830 052 a 140830 050 a 140830 049The Cleome were incredible – again, people in the shot to show just how BIG they are (the Cleome, not the people)!

a 140830 164 a 140830 162Love the pond, there are fish in there too – I don’t know what kind, but I could sit and watch them for a good while, goofing off in the waterlilies (not sure who would goof off more, the fish or me).

a 140830 122 adjustedHere I thought I was taking pictures of Magnolias, but these two are so sweet.

a 140830 118 a 140830 053…and again, Filoli manages to make even ordinary Pelargoniums look amazing!  I bought one at the gift shop, just could not resist, so don’t be surprised if you see them in future posts…

a 140830 048 - adjusted a 140830 161 a 140830 138as usual, the intense exuberance of the plantings are utterly breathtaking.  Vigor and vibrance around every corner.

a 140830 134 - adjusted a 140830 132and of course, a trip to Filoli wouldn’t be complete without photos in the Olive Grove.  Talk about a sense of place!


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OW, mommy, HOT!

I have a general dislike of “lifelike” bronze statuary. I am so tired of bronze children playing in fountains, bronze horses, bronze people on park benches, bronze wildlife, bronze memorials, you name it, someone has made (and displayed) it. Most of these works are not at all clever, though there are (rare) occasions when I like one of these “artistic statements”. I live near South Shore Towne Center and I like the little bullfrog under the roof drain scupper.  A note to maintenance: the scupper has garbage behind the wire mesh now (this picture is a few months old).

scupper frog sculpture

scupper frog bronze sculpture

However, I was recently walking to Panera in the morning for a latte – a warm summer morning, but not hot.  A little girl walked up to this deer (one of two in the shopping center, both are kid magnets) and reached out to pet the deer. She said, “OW, mommy, HOT!” Aesthetics aside, as a designer, I will forevermore think twice before putting a metal kid-magnet in any position where it could get hot and potentially hurt someone. Luckily, the other deer is in a spot where this is far less likely to be a problem.

dangerous hot bronze deer statue

Talk about dangerous; I don’t need to explain all the many reasons I think the frog fountain is a failure, do I?

Food for thought in public spaces….and private ones!

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